KRC Runner Profile - Randy Werger

Nov 8, 2019 by Ana Dennier

The Kelowna Running Club wants you to get to know about the club and some of its members and has started a new project called "KRC Runner Profile". 

Every month we will feature a different runner in our ‘Runner Profile’ section.  This will range from someone who has just taken up the sport, right through to the most talented runners Kelowna has to offer.  We will ask each runner a few questions, so that you can find out a little about them, their interests and their plans for the future. Let us know if you have suggestions or would like to volunteer to be featured in our next profile.

KRC Runner Profile - Randy Werger

Why do you run?

I am training for life, fitness, camaraderie, and to meet people.

Why did you join the Kelowna Running Club?

I joined the KRC in 2005. It is nice to be part of a group which motivates you to train and go out for a run.

What are your favourite KRC weekly events and why?

I really enjoy the Saturday Goat’s runs which give me a reason to get out and do a longer run with people from the club, followed by a nice brunch.

What is the most memorable moment that has happened to you on a run?

Reaching Berg Lake at the Mount Robson Marathon. Not only is the scenery incredible, but it also reminds me of a close friend who passed and with whom I hiked and backpacked in Mount Robson twice.

How did you first get into running?

When I left my job in construction, I was getting out of shape, and started to go to the gym to rebuild the strength around my knees and shoulders. For cardio, I was running on a treadmill for 45 minutes, and then a coworker asked me why I was running on a treadmill and not outside. And so, a lifetime of running began!

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